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1. Herecká agentura (1. Acting agency), founded in 2015, is dedicated to representation of selected national and international talents in art and motion pictures industry

Rudolf Biermann Vanessa Biermannová

Rudolf Biermann

Founder & head of the agency

Vanessa Biermann

Legal affairs & talent representation

Magda Chýlková

Accountant & deputy manager

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Talented people we work with

Annamária Janeková

Age range 20-30

Annamária Janeková picture

Barbora Váchová

Age range 18-28

Barbora Váchová picture

Bronislava Kováčiková

Age range 22-32

Bronislava Kováčiková picture

Eva Holubová

Age range 52-62

Eva Holubová picture

Ivana Chýlková

Age range 45-58

Ivana Chýlková picture

Jakub Kuka

Age range 26-36

Jakub Kuka picture

Jan Kraus

Age range /

Jan Kraus picture

Jan Révai

Age range 40-50

Jan Révai picture

Janka Balková

Age range 20-28

Janka Balková picture

Jiří Mádl

Age range 28-36

Jiří Mádl picture

Lucia Lukačková

Age range 16-26

Lucia Lukačková picture

Michael Vrzala

Age range 25-35

Michael Vrzala picture